A code-searching tool similar to ack, but faster.
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The Silver Searcher

My attempt to make something better than ack, which itself is better than grep. Right now, it's not.

Why use ag?

  • It searches through code about 3x-5x faster than ack.
  • It ignores files matched by patterns in your .gitignore and .hgignore.
  • The binary name is 33% shorter than ack!
  • It's written in C instead of perl, the lesser of two evils :)
  • If there are files in your source repo that you don't want to search, just add their patterns to a .agignore file. *cough* extern *cough*


  1. Install PCRE development libraries:
    • Ubuntu: apt-get install -y libpcre3-dev
  2. Run the build script:
    • ./build.sh
  3. Make install:
    • sudo make install

Current development status

On the continuum of...

  1. Compiles
  2. Runs
  3. Behaves correctly
  4. Behaves correctly and runs fast

...it's somewhere between 2 and 3 right now. Although it's much faster than ack in my benchmarks.

ack -i SOLR ~/cloudkick/reach  2.89s user 0.77s system 97% cpu 3.765 total

ag -i SOLR ~/cloudkick/reach  0.37s user 0.15s system 88% cpu 0.590 total

You can use this with my fork of the popular ackmate plugin, which lets you use both ack and ag for searching in textmate. You can also just move or delete "~/Library/Application Support/TextMate/PlugIns/AckMate.tmplugin/Contents/Resources/ackmate_ack" and run ln -s /usr/local/bin/ag "~/Library/Application Support/TextMate/PlugIns/AckMate.tmplugin/Contents/Resources/ackmate_ack"


  • parse more ack options correctly
  • actually get textmate dir patterns working
  • support inverted matching
  • support piping in stuff
  • docs/manpages
  • pthreads. these days it's silly to use only one core

Other stuff you might like

  • Ack
  • AckMate - An ack-powered replacement for TextMate's slow built-in search.
  • ack.vim
  • Exuberant Ctags - Faster than Ag, but it builds an index beforehand. Good for really big codebases.
  • Git-grep - As fast as Ag but only works on git repos.