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+title: Projects
+## libxmlmm
+While developing applications with [gtkmm] I was introduced to the [libxml++],
+which is a fine wrapper of the XML library [libxml2]. I was so fond of the library
+that I wanted to use it with other projects; especially ones that build on top
+of SDL and openGL. Unfortunately libxml++ uses Glib::ustring to handle the
+UTF-8 strings with libxml2. Although the basic premise is reasonable, ensure that
+any string operations work with UTF-8, the resulting link and deployment dependencies
+do not. On top of the regular dependency to libxml2 and iconv, you also depend
+on glibmm, which in turn depends on glib, gobject and a few minor libraries
+commonly found on Linux systems.
+If you need the libraries all is nice and fine, but if you need half a dozen
+libraries, just for passing around UTF-8 strings, it is overkill. Especially,
+as it turns out, most if not all operations I needed was storing and passing
+the string around. I can't think of one case where I needed to do a string
+operation on a value taken from the XML document.
+After finding no solution that the maintainers of libxml++ where comfortable
+with, I decided to roll my own library, thus [libxmlmm] was born. Since libxmlmm
+and libxml++ wrap the same C library, they have a few things in common, but
+libxml++ does a few things differently. The basic DOM is mostly similar, but
+the accessors are refined. For example most of your operations involve elements,
+so most accessors have a version that handles elements; this makes the client
+code much cleaner, since you don't need to cast nodes to elements, where you
+know only a element can come out. The other big thing is that XQuery queries
+can be used to set or get any value, not only nodes. This enables to
+formulate queries that do not reference nodes, such as functions like "count(books)".
+## rioki@github
+I am mainly using [github][gh] for my hobby programming. Not each project there
+is worthwhile to mention, but you can all find them there.

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