Changing to no-reorder behaviour without a reason #1790

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I have spent a full morning on this: I have a loop to show a list of items, but when I change this list to show different items, it starts working as no-reorder mode.

I spent the morning checking everthing on my code, updating the version of RIOT to 2.4, even I tryed setting reorder="true"... and no way.

So the only possible answer on my mind: RIOT's bug??... so I dived a bit on the unknown code just in case I could get any clue.... and I think I was lucky when I found this line:

_mustReorder = mustReorder && item instanceof Object && !hasKeys,

no idea but item instanceof Object was returning false after changing the list in my code, so I tryed next one:

_mustReorder = mustReorder && typeof(item) === 'object' && !hasKeys,

and it worked!!

I don't know anything about the RIOT implementation, but I hope at least you can solve this soon on the code in case there is something else.

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Yes I can, but I cannot share the code here, and I don't know how exactly this fails to do a smaller example.

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2.3 2.4 no idea of anyone before

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Hi @fernandogmar thanks for your bug reporting. Can you drill down an example where we can test the issue? It should not be your app sourcecode but at least the we can check the list of items you are trying to loop.

fernandogmar commented May 13, 2016 edited

Hi @GianlucaGuarini ,

the thing is that the lists are really simple... and on the first list the items are instances of Object but in the second one it returns false! I have taken two screenshots of the values:

First list without problems

Second list where the items fail the condition instanceOf Object:

Not really sure where the problem is but with typeof(item) works fine.

Thanks! and Have a nice weekend!


@fernandogmar ok I will test it and update riot in the next patch release thanks for reporting it

@GianlucaGuarini GianlucaGuarini added fixed and removed to verify labels May 16, 2016
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