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    Faced with this problem, Riot updates the tag tree depending on the order in which the elements change. This applies only to complex tags such as iframe. In the example below, if you remove the end of the reload of the iframe is not happening, but if you remove the iframe from the beginning of the redrawn all the remaining elements. (Notice to redraw scroll to internal page )

I'm using riot in Electron project, and instead iframe using webview.

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    Chrome, Win7
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Use the no-reorder attribute that will just update your tags without trying to reorder them

cmplx commented Oct 30, 2016 edited

Sorry, but this method also not working in this example . I use 3 different site in an iframe , and the problem is the same. For me the problem was temporarily solved by manually removing it from the array of elements and a DOM element on the page, even after updating, redrawing the elements does not occur

@GianlucaGuarini GianlucaGuarini added bug and removed answered question labels Oct 30, 2016

@cmplx this seems to be a bug thanks!

@GianlucaGuarini GianlucaGuarini added this to the 3.0.0 milestone Oct 31, 2016

It seems this is a browser issue more than a riot one, I am afraid we need mark this as wontfix. Honestly I don't know which one should be the right way to solve this issue

@GianlucaGuarini GianlucaGuarini added a commit that referenced this issue Oct 31, 2016
@GianlucaGuarini GianlucaGuarini closes #2040 95bf6f3

fixed ;)

I will try to bring this patch also in the next riot release

@GianlucaGuarini GianlucaGuarini removed this from the 3.0.0 milestone Oct 31, 2016
@GianlucaGuarini GianlucaGuarini added a commit that closed this issue Oct 31, 2016
@GianlucaGuarini GianlucaGuarini closes #2040 87694bf
cmplx commented Nov 1, 2016

Good work !

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