Arrays with multiple tags of the same name don’t contain actual tag elements #2061

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wmnnd commented Nov 4, 2016 edited

Hi there,

it appears that when you have multiple nested tags using the same name attribute (e. g. name="foo"), Riot creates an array under this.tags (e. g. that consists of objects containing the properites of the parent tag while missing properties and methods of the nested tag. This is probably related to #1697.

I have created an example here:

Which version of Riot does it affect?
Current master from GitHub.

How would you tag this issue?

  • Bug
@rsbondi rsbondi added the bug label Nov 5, 2016
rsbondi commented Nov 5, 2016

This is specific to each and does not occur for multiple tags with same name that are non-looped

GianlucaGuarini commented Nov 5, 2016 edited

This issue will disappear in riot@3.0.0 using the ref directive.
I am not sure it's worth to fix it now in riot@2 it could be a potential breaking change. I will mark it as fixed.
For now @wmnnd you can use this workaround avoiding to give a name to the looped elements

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