Riot 3.0.2 is 2 orders of magnitude slower than Riot 2.6 for high CSS tags #2152

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    Let's say there is a tag 'tabs'. This tag has lots of CSS. On the first mount of the tag, it takes around 200 to 300ms for both Riot 2.6.7 and 3.0.2. In Riot 2.6.7, in each subsequent tag mount for 'tabs' is quite fast, with around only 10ms, yet this performance has deteriorated significantly in Riot 3.0.2, taking almost as much time as the initial mount.

  2. Can you reproduce the issue?
    The example for Riot 3:
    The example for Riot 2:
    The example is a page with three tabs. The tabs is the high CSS riot component. When you click on another tab, the router unmount the page and mounts the page with the other tab selected.

  3. On which browser/OS does the issue appear?
    Safari on MacOSX

  4. Which version of Riot does it affect?
    Riot 3.0.2

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100x slower than Riot 2!? #2147

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fixed with riot@3.0.3

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Fix wrong issue id in release notes #167

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