yield: show={expr} has different scope than if={expr} #2158

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    Expression in show={expression} has different scope than if={expression}, onclick={expression} etc. inside <yield>. Looks like the problems was introduced in riot-3.0.3 while fixing riot/riot#2125.

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    Chromium 54

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@juodumas juodumas referenced this issue in riot/compiler Dec 14, 2016

yield: show={expr} has different scope than if={expr} #99

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This one is getting me as well on Riot 3.0.4 - just switched to riot 3.0 and started updating everything, then jumped to 3.0.4 to hopefully help fix the bugs I got from going to 2 to 3 and now more bugs with this issue...


@riot/collaborators the current yield behavior should be fixed I would like to put it on the top of our priority list together with performance improvements. Thanks @juodumas for reporting this issue


On line 1135 in riotjs I did this:

// the value for the toggle must consider also the parent tag
//   value = isToggle ? tmpl(expr.expr, extend({}, this, this.parent)) : tmpl(expr.expr, this),
  value = tmpl(expr.expr, this),

I believe someone put this in to fix an issue, but I am not having that issue that I can find, and this fixed the issue here. Hope this helps solve the problem for the next release.

ashleybrener commented Dec 29, 2016 edited

@TimWillis I did same as you, this issue has been vexing me last few days


Here's the original commit 9e024dd#diff-d54b456d54b337c5989fdf67462089ae

@GianlucaGuarini what was the reason here for the show directive also evaluating the parent? Seems to cause some complications, removing this would also eliminate the need for my PR patch #2186

@ashleybrener ashleybrener added a commit to frisb/riot that referenced this issue Dec 30, 2016
@ashleybrener ashleybrener Remove evaluation of parent on the show directive and need to enumera…
…te tag instance property descriptors. Fixes riot/riot#2158

Fixed in riot@3.0.6 now the show, hide if directives behave always consistently on any context

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