Unmount DOM when `if` becomes false #1658

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rogueg commented Mar 7, 2016

This is a branch I've been hacking on for a couple weeks. I'm not 100% sure it's ready for merging, but I'd really like to get some feedback, and maybe some help testing/sanity-checking it.

The basic idea is that when an if statement becomes false, we want to remove that DOM, unmount it, and throw it away. The means refactoring how unmounting work, and also adds the notion that expressions (like the id and name) attributes can be unmounted.

There are a handful of breaking changes here:

  • When a tag is removed and then re-added by an if, it's state will now be completely reset. This is true of custom tags, as well as things like inputs.
  • id and name will no longer set a ref on the parent tag if they're within a false if.
  • The Tag.tags collection won't contain child tags if they're within a false if.
  • Tag.tags is no longer affected by name, which I found really unpredictable.
  • Both refs and Tag.tags will no longer match the order of elements in DOM.

This looks an amazing improvement for riot. I will check your code and merge asap. In the meantime thank you so much for your contribution. I am thinking whether it makes sense to let you join the riot group. Of course if you agree and the others have nothing against it.
cc @aMarCruz @rsbondi @tipiirai @cognitom

aMarCruz commented Mar 8, 2016

join 👍

rsbondi commented Mar 8, 2016

Would be a welcome addition


@rogueg do you want to join us?

rogueg commented Mar 14, 2016

I think riot is a great library, and I'd love to join. Thanks!


@rogueg I ve sent you an invitation to join the riot organization. You will be able to work on the next branch without being forced always to make pull requests to update the code. I will check this pull request asap and I hope to be able to build riot with rollup asap

rsbondi commented Mar 14, 2016

Welcome to the team @rogueg. Do you want to take a look at #1659 ? I think you have the solution already with #1525 but I don't think it ever made it into the code base.

@rogueg rogueg referenced this pull request Mar 15, 2016

Virtual elements disappear after tag update #1659

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Welcome @rogueg !


Super cool! Welcome @rogueg !


@rogueg welcome to the riot team!


I was checking this pull request but before merging it into the next branch can you guys (either @rsbondi or @rogueg ) sync it with the dev branch please?


@rogueg can you send me your email address please?

rsbondi commented Mar 22, 2016

I will try the merge of the dev branch changes this weekend unless @rogueg insists on doing it.

rogueg commented Mar 24, 2016

I'm actually moving this week, so not a ton of free time. Thanks for taking a stab at merging it @rsbondi! My email is rogueg@gmail.com


I will not change or add new code into the dev branch waiting your merge @rsbondi so we avoid too many merge conflicts.. In the meantime I will release riot 2.3.18

@GianlucaGuarini GianlucaGuarini referenced this pull request Apr 7, 2016

Programatic alternative to the "if" tag property #1725

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Now the dev and the next branch are in sync. @rogueg could you please update the pull request? I will be happy to merge it


@rogueg Can you please update your PR so this can get merged? Thanks! 🍒

rma4ok commented Apr 12, 2016

@rsbondi @GianlucaGuarini @john-goldsmith
as @rogueg mentioned above

I'm actually moving this week, so not a ton of free time. Thanks for taking a stab at merging it

so it would be awesome if someone else could proceed with merging this PR

rogueg added some commits Feb 17, 2016
@rogueg rogueg Unmount things when an if-attribute becomes false.
Before this change, we'd keep the old DOM, and simply avoid updating if when the if-attribute was false. It's more predictable to say that when DOM goes away, it's like it was never there to begin with. When the if-attribute becomes truthy again later, we should insert and mount new, clean DOM. This goes for custom tags as well as built-in stateful tags (like inputs).

To do it, I made if-attributes work similar to each. When parsed, it takes that element (plus all descendants), removes it from the DOM, and stores it as the pristine copy.

On update, if the value is true, we clone that pristine DOM, parse, and update it.

This change is breaking.
@rogueg rogueg Refactor the code for setting keys on tags.
The code for setting (and removing) an object on a specified key was duplicated. This refactoring consolidates them.

This is currently used by name attributes (`id` and `name`) and the Tag.tags object.
@rogueg rogueg Let unmount spread through the tree of expressions and tags, just lik…
…e update.

The reason is that now when an if-attribute becomes false, it unmounts just that part of the DOM tree using the unmountAll method.

This change makes Tag and If use the same unmounting code, which I think is clearer. Also, IMHO observable makes for difficult-to-debug internals.
@rogueg rogueg Prevent each's internal state from leaking out and being modified.
`each` has an internal array that stores the tag instance of every item being rendered. To make these tags accessible from the parent (eg `parent.tags['child-tagName']`) someone assigned that internal array directly onto the parent.

Problem is, if that parent has other instances of that child tag, they'll start to conflict. If you have two loops over the same child element, they'll end up remove each others items.

This change uses the add/remove methods to modify tags instead. This was easy, but it means that parent.tags['child-tagName'] is less likely to reflect the actual order of elements in the DOM, and I  changed some tests to reflect this.

This is a breaking change (sorta).
@rogueg rogueg Instantiate tags while parsing, so they're available to other express…

This simplifies code by not needing a TagRef object between the parsing and update phases. It also means that we have a reference to the tag that can be given to expressions (see my next changed with NamedExp).
@rogueg rogueg Refactor how the `name` and `id` attributes work.
The main goal here was to remove references from the parent when an element gets removed because of a false `if` attribute.

I really like the idea that expressions (just like tags) can now have an unmount method where they clean themselves up. For name expressions, that unmount method removes the reference. Simple.

I also made it so that `name` no longer affects the parent.tags collection. Before, you'd have this:
<custom-tag name='foo' />
parent.tags['custom-tag'] //=> undefined
parent.tags['foo'] //=> Tag
parent.foo //=> Tag

IMO, thats redundant and confusing. Now you get this:
parent.tags['custom-tag'] //=> Tag
parent.tags['foo'] //=> undefined
parent.foo //=> Tag

Since that's a breaking change, I had to modify a few tests. There are a few other cool things about this implementation:

* It handles if the name is an expression and changes.
* It handles `id` and `name` being different.
@rogueg rogueg Fix each to work inside an if statement.
When the `if` is initially false, then each will miss the before-mount event. Instead, we need to remove the template dom immediately while parsing.

There was also a line that ensured the root pointed to the element that will eventually contain each item. I figured it was easier to just set this every time during update.
@rogueg rogueg Allow setting the parent of a tag when mounting.
This lets you dynamically inject tags into the tree, which is especially useful for navigation.
@rogueg rogueg Ignore Tag.update when the tag is unmounted.
It sometimes happens that you'll call update after a tag has been removed (xhr, timer, etc). Once it has been unmounted, doing an update is wasted work that might raise errors.
@rogueg rogueg Always run update when mounting a tag.
It was inconsistent that update would only sometimes be run during a mount. This caused tags to not update when they were inside an if statement, because self.parent existed.

Instead, always run the update during mount. We also should only set DOM._tag and Tag.isMounted during the mount method, because those are used in other places to identify that the tag has mounted.
rogueg commented Apr 13, 2016

This PR is updated and can be merged.


well done @rogueg 👏

@GianlucaGuarini GianlucaGuarini merged commit 224e1e9 into riot:next Apr 13, 2016
@GianlucaGuarini GianlucaGuarini referenced this pull request Apr 13, 2016

Riot 3.0.0 roadmap #1694

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@rsbondi rsbondi commented on the diff Apr 15, 2016
@@ -171,10 +173,7 @@ function Tag(impl, conf, innerHTML) {
// parse layout after init. fn may calculate args for nested custom tags
parseExpressions(dom, self, expressions)
- // unmount automatically when our parent does
- if (parent) parent.on('unmount', self.unmount)
rsbondi Apr 15, 2016 edited Contributor

Where is this handled now? It seems to have created a problem with dynamic data-is tags now go out of sync in the parent.tags. It seems to partially work and all test pass if I add here parent.on('unmount', function() { expr.tag.unmount()}).

You can see the issue here, just hit the add button, then remove what you added and look at the console, you will see {string: Array[2]} but it should return to {string: Tag}. The above takes care of part of the problem for simple removals.

There is another issue when a tag is swapped to a different type. The code here used to take care of that, but now this code does not get reached. Any insight on how this can be handled would be appreciated.

EDIT: the second issue seems to be fixed by changing expr.tag.opts.riotTag to expr.tag.tagName, so does this seem reasonable or should I look somewhere else?

GianlucaGuarini Apr 15, 2016 Member

@rsbondi this means we need more tests to cover also these cases. Could you please make a pull request adding these tests? I guess it will be trivial to fix these issues having more detailed specs.

GianlucaGuarini Apr 15, 2016 Member

I think we can also start cleaning up the tests, making several folders targeting specific riot directives. Who wants to take the lead on this? I can do it eventually together with the new rollup build in the middle of May but I would prefer someone could already start with it

rogueg Apr 17, 2016 Member

Yeah, a test for this case would be great. I peeked at the code, and have an idea of how to fix it.

@GianlucaGuarini GianlucaGuarini referenced this pull request Jan 9, 2017

IF attr will mount/unmount the el ?? #2204

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