Simple client-side router
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Riot Router

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Simple client-side router

The Riot Router is the minimal router implementation with such technologies:

  • pushState and history API
  • multiple routing groups
  • replacable parser
  • compatible with IE9 and higher

It started as a part of Riot.js, but now it becomes an independent library. It works with or without Riot.js.

Table of Contents


We have 4 editions:

edition target file via
Standalone <script> tag dist/route.min.js jsdelivr ⋅ Bower ⋅ download
AMD RequireJS dist/amd.route.min.js jsdelivr ⋅ Bower ⋅ download
CommonJS Browserify, webpack dist/cjs.route.js npm
ES module Rollup lib/index.js npm


<script src=""></script>

Note: change the part x.x.x to the version numbers what you want to use: ex. 2.5.0 or 3.0.0.


$ npm install --save riot-route


$ bower install --save riot-route

Download by yourself


See also



Feel free to dive in! Open an issue or submit PRs.

  • $ npm install to setup
  • $ npm run build to build it once
  • $ npm run watch to watch and build it continuously
  • $ npm test to test


MIT (c) Muut, Inc. and other contributors