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Riot.js node Server Side Rendering
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Riot module to render riot components on the server

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npm i -S riot @riotjs/compiler @riotjs/ssr


render - to render only markup

You can simply render your components markup as it follows:

import MyComponent from './my-component.riot'
import render from '@riotjs/ssr'

const html = render('my-component', MyComponent, { some: 'initial props' })

fragments - to render html and css

You can also extract the rendered html and css separately using the fragments function:

import MyComponent from './my-component.riot'
import {fragments} from '@riotjs/ssr'

const {html, css} = fragments('my-component', MyComponent, { some: 'initial props' })

register - to load riot components in node

If you only want load your components source code in a node environement you just need to register the riot loader hook:

import register from '@riotjs/ssr/register'

import MyComponent from './my-component.riot' // It will fail

// from now on you can load `.riot` tags in node
const unregister = register()

import MyComponent from './my-component.riot' // it works!

// normally you will not need to call this function but if you want you can unhook the riot loader
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