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Dockerfile and configuration files for a django-wiki container
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Django Wiki production-ready docker container

Docker Repository on Quay Build Status


sudo docker run --name djangowiki_test --rm

Configuration reference

List of all environment variables that could be used.

- ADMIN_USER # (default: riotkit)

# Admin's password
- ADMIN_PASSWORD # (default: capitalism-is-a-disaster-for-billions-of-people)

# Admin's mail
- ADMIN_EMAIL # (default:

# Is this a PROD or DEV environment?
- DEBUG # (default: false)

# Timezone
- TZ # (default: Europe/Warsaw)

- USE_TZ # (default: true)

# Application language (see:
- LANGUAGE_CODE # (default: en-US)

- SITE_ID # (default: 1)

# Anonymous defaults
- WIKI_ANONYMOUS_WRITE # (default: true)

# Anonymous defaults
- WIKI_ANONYMOUS_CREATE # (default: false)

# Database type: mysql, sqlite3, postgresql, oracle
- DB_TYPE # (default: sqlite3)

# Database name. For SQlite3 a filename, for others just a database name
- DB_NAME # (default: db.sqlite3)

# Database user login
- DB_USER # (default: None)

# Database user password
- DB_PASSWORD # (default: None)

# Database host
- DB_HOST # (default: None)

# Database port
- DB_PORT # (default: None)

# Database charset
- DB_CHARSET # (default: None)

# Database collation (MySQL only)
- DB_COLLATION # (default: None)

- DB_ORA_DATAFILE # (default: None)

- DB_ORA_DATAFILE_TMP # (default: None)

- DB_ORA_DATAFILE_MAXSIZE # (default: None)


- DB_ORA_DATAFILE_SIZE # (default: None)

# Should the application use cache?
- USE_CACHE # (default: false)

# Cache type
- CACHE_TYPE # (default: filebased.FileBasedCache)

# Cache specification/location
- CACHE_LOCATION # (default: /var/tmp/django_cache)

- CACHE_KEY_PREFIX # (default: )

# The number of seconds before a cache entry is considered stale. If the value of this settings is None, cache entries will not expire.
- CACHE_TIMEOUT # (default: 300)

# Default user who runs the project (id)
- DJANGO_USER_ID # (default: 1000)

# Default group of a user that runs the project (gid)
- DJANGO_GROUP_ID # (default: 1000)


  • /project/wikiproject/settings/secret_key
  • /project/wikiproject/media
  • /project/wikiproject/db (important if using SQLite3 database)

Developing the container

  • The container is built on and hub.docker com
  • When you start working on it locally, at first run make develop to install git hooks
  • is automatically generated from, do not edit the generated version!
  • Use make for building, pushing, etc.


On Travis CI the build is triggered each month, then all recent versions of Django Wiki are built. Already existing docker tags are not overwritten. The build is also triggered on-commit. Snapshot version is made from master branch, and is always a latest master, can be unstable.

To release a bugfix version and REBUILD EXISTING TAGS just add "@force-rebuild" in commit message, recent 5 tags will be rebuilt (not all in registry).


Created by RiotKit Collective, a libertarian, grassroot, non-profit organization providing technical support for the non-profit Anarchist movement.

Check out those initiatives:

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