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Simple app for managing your anime list via a android 4.0+ device.
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MALForAndroid 2

Rewrite of the original MALForAndroid


Simple app for managing your anime list via a android 4.0+ device. Earlier device will not be supported by this app.


MALForAndroid 2 is licensed under:
Apache License Version 2.0, January 2004

Special Thanks

Made possible by the fine work of Cheah Chu Yeow and his unofficial MAL API.

If you like throw him a bone @ github or his blog


If you want to contribute to MALForAndroid 2, just fork and submit a pull request!

Current contributors can be found under the Github contributors page



  • Darker color scheme (Thanks again BobDawg)
  • less gpu overdraw
  • Added IAP based user donations


  • fixed spacing on refresh button (thanks BobDawg)
  • fixed manga sync issue
  • moved delete item option into overflow menu (it's to easy to accidentally delete an item)


  • Attaching to new server


  • changing ViewPagerAdapter to allow for dynamic page configuration
  • fix for IllegalStateException on backgrounding app before login fragment is opened
  • guard for npe in BaseRecordAdapter
  • changed the way data refresh is handled so that more changes can be caught


  • fix overly zealous completion dialog from popping up when total items is zero.
  • fix update to manga volume count moving manga to reading state.


  • reordered items on action bar
  • Added action bar item that open MAL site for current anime or manga
  • Animated transitions between item detail fragments
  • When watched or read count indicates completion, app asks if it's ok to move item into completed list
  • adding an indeterminate progress bar to action bar when app is syncing with server


  • Adds Manga support
  • Resolves Issue #1 - Changes number picker to take keyboard input.
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