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RIPE NCC RPKI Validator 3
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The latest version is 3.1. Feel free to give it a try:

Change logs:

  • Minimize memory consumption and disk requirement by dropping Hibernate/H2 database, and use Xodus as persistence instead.
  • Improve responsiveness, set default RPKI object clean up grace period to 48 hours (used to be 7 days).
  • Store all the ignore filters and white lists in a slurm.json file instead of the database, so now the database can be deleted any time without losing any user-configured data.
  • For migration, the content of the 'db' directory should be removed and export and re-import of SLURM is required.

More information on the RPKI Validator 3 project is documented in the wiki:

Change logs will be included on the build.

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