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Add screen shots to README #31

narfdotpl opened this Issue Mar 14, 2012 · 4 comments

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I'm about to start using Graphite. After skimming through their docs in search for dashboards I opened about a dozen tabs. I don't want to install and configure all these apps just to see how they look like. Please, add screen shots to README.


Hey narfdotpl, check out the demo at (you can demo graphite there too). We're working on a DNS name, but that IP should work.


@nstielau, thanks. I still think putting screen shots in the README would be nice, though. :)

tmonk42 commented Mar 30, 2012

I just added the sample images to the wiki page here on Github, maybe we could update the README to link to that wiki page, would that resolve this issue for you?


Sorry it took me so long to reply. I opened a pull request that reflects what I had in mind.

@ripienaar ripienaar pushed a commit that closed this issue Apr 13, 2012
@narfdotpl narfdotpl Add screen shot to README
A screen shot in README is good for people who encounter the project for
the first time as it immediately tells what to expect from the final
results -- people often look at a screen shot even before they read
anything.  In this particular case it also clearly shows that the
project utilizes Graphite's graphs and not its own (as
[Graphene]( does, for example).

closes #31
@ripienaar ripienaar closed this in 25f6778 Apr 13, 2012
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