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A generic login page for mod_auth_openid

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A generic login page for mod_auth_openid

This application renders a friendly login page with an optional list of secured sites in the menu bar.

It handles all the error codes supported by mod_auth_openid and shows friendly error messages


Install this in a vhost using your favorite method like Apache + Passenger then configure your mod_auth_openid secured page as follows:

   <Location /supersecret>
      AuthType                     OpenID
      require valid-user

For full details on how to configure mod_auth_openid please see it's home page, the key part is the AuthOpenIDLoginPage URL.

You can con configure various aspects of the look and feel including the the menus in the top menu, a sample yaml config file can be seen here:

:title: OpenID Login
:prompt: "An OpenID login is required:"
  - :url:
    :title: Example Secured Application

This file should be in the same directory as the


Some screenshots of the login page in action below.

Login Screen

Error Screen


R.I.Pienaar / / / @ripienaar

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