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Ruby script that splits a MySQL dump into a file per table.

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What is it?

A simple script that splits a MySQL dump into lots of smaller files. It works both with data definitions and data only dumps.


First you need a mysqldump file, put it into the directory you want all the split files in:

$ ruby split-mysql-dump.rb db.sql
Found a new db: app
Found a new table: administrator_log
    writing line: 229 200.494MB in 4 seconds 50.124MB/sec

    Found a new table: auth_strings
        writing line: 239 205.482MB in 6 seconds 34.247MB/sec

Alternatively, you can pipe in via STDIN in using '-s'. Great for working with large gzipped backups:

$ gunzip -c db.sql.gz | ruby split-mysql-dump.rb -s

You can also limit the dump to particular tables using '-t' or exclude tables using '-i'.

$ ruby split-mysql-dump.rb -t auth_strings, administrator_log db.sql


$ ruby split-mysql-dump.rb -i auth_strings

When you're done you should have lots of files like this:

-rw-r--r-- 1 rip rip   210233252 May 17 18:06 administrator_log.sql
-rw-r--r-- 1 rip rip   215463582 May 17 18:06 auth_strings.sql

The first bit of the files will be the database that the tables are in based on the USE statements in the dump.


You can contact me on or follow my blog at I am also on twitter as ripienaar

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