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Updated CHANGELOG for 2.6.0RC4

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1 parent cf597d7 commit d87a2e39d1a6104c52b1213a654ec9d58d0bff7f @jamtur01 jamtur01 committed Jul 19, 2010
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+cf597d7 [#4233] Ruby regexps are not multiline by default, but Resource titles can be multiline
+d6cbb21 Fix for #4234 -- ruby DSL fails on second resource
+4822de3 Fix for #4236 -- Only interpolate $ if followed by a variable
+b509032 Fix #4238 - if should match undef as ''
+8c8c146 Minimal fix for #4243 -- import isn't thread safe
+d319da4 [#4247] storeconfigs was calling with the wrong arguments
+9f91540 [#4256] External nodes parameters can now be assigned to nodes
+680dd1a Fix for #4257 -- problems resolving ::-prefixed classes
+6e07a19 Fix #4262 - Puppetmaster used to log compilation time
+5b68afe Fix for #4255 -- misleading diagnostic message
+dd03ac9 Partial fix for #4278 -- the performance aspects
+4ce33fd Fixed #4249 - Updated SUSE packaging specifications
+91185c6 New man pages for 2.6.0
+1cda7c5 Fixes errant Trac references in documentation
+f60b6a0 Updated CHANGELOG for 2.6.0rc3
9df87e9 [#4219] Install misses command_line dir, puppet $app --help fails
0422852 conf/redhat: Consistently pass pidfile option to daemon, killproc, and status
63bf037 conf/redhat: Update conf/init files for single binary

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