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A plugin for BitBar to show Sensu events



Install BitBar and copy the sensu.1m.rb file to the directory you choose as your plugin directory.

You can monitor multiple Sensu installs by just copying the file to a new name, the frequency of updates can be set by changing 1m to 5m in the file name. See the BitBar docs for more options

Edit the contants at the top of each script to your taste:

SENSU_NAME="Sensu"                                  # text appearing on the menu in green/red/yello
SENSU_HOST=""         # your sensu api
DASHBOARD_URL=""  # a link that will open if you click on an event
PROXY=""                             # set to nil to avoid using a proxy
SHOW_EVENTS=5                                       # how many events to show in the drop down
COLORS = {0 => "green", 1 => "orange", 2 => "red", 3 => "gray"}

The colors above are parsed by BitBar, these work for me but I made them easily adjustable for color blind people or those who just do not like my choices.

Authentication against the API can be done as follows:


You need the RestClient Gem installed before this will work, you can simply run this on the CLI to test it

That's it, enjoy.


R.I.Pienaar / / @ripienaar /