Interactive Ruby shell for STOMP
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What is it?

An Interactive Ruby shell for STOMP

How to use it?

Start it supplying user, password, stomp host and port - see the --help information for details.

$ stomp-irb -s stomp --port 6163
Interactive Ruby shell for STOMP

Type 'help' for usage instructions

>> subscribe :topic, ""
Current Subscriptions:

=> nil
>> topic "", "hello"
=> nil
<<stomp>> hello

>> recv_callback {|f| puts "Received: #{f.body} from #{f.headers["destination"]}"}
>> topic "", "hello"
=> nil
<<stomp>> hello
Received: hello from /topic/

>> verbose
=> true
>> topic "", "hello world"
=> nil
<<20:02:07:/topic/>> hello world


2011/01/20 - Add persistence support to queue sending


Apache 2.0


R.I.Pienaar <> / @ripienaar /