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A little container that lets you write blocks to process multiple files being tailed.

It uses eventmachine-tail to do the hard work, it really is just some sugar to make things a bit more pleasant.

By putting the following in bob_head.rb:

Typhon.grow(:name => "bob", :files => "/var/log/mcollective.log") do |file, pos, line|
   puts "bob ate #{line}"

You will simply get a line of text for each line that appears in the log file.

Additionally you can use Typhon to produce messages onto Stomp middleware direct from a head:

Typhon.grow(:name => "bob", :files => "/var/log/mcollective.log") do |file, pos, line|
   stomp.publish("/queue/logs", line, {"typhon_source" => file})

You can define many heads as you like, and multiple heads per file. Heads go into /etc/typhon/heads in files matching *_head.rb, you can just touch a file called reload.txt in that directory to cause all the heads to be re-read from disk

It will check every 10 seconds if this reload.txt has changed and initiate a reload of all the heads, any files that are new will be tailed and any files being tailed with no more heads attached will be closed.


By default it logs to syslog at info level you can change this in the config file /etc/typhon/typhon.yaml:

:loglevel: :debug
:stat_log_frequency: 3600

It will log some stats about uptime and lines processed, in this case that will happen every 3600 seconds

Stomp Connection?

My main use will be to process logs and emit events over middleware. We include an instance of the EventMachine stomp connection that can be started. To configure this add to the config file:

:loglevel: :debug
   :user: typhon
   :pass: secret
   :server: localhost
   :port: 6163

With this in place you can publish messages to the middleware:

class Typhon
    grow(:name => "jack", :files => "/var/log/foo.log") do |file, pos, line|
        stomp.publish("/topic/foo", line)

Should the connection fail it will be retried every 2 seconds, messages that are published while the connection is down are queued and sent soon as the connection comes up. The queue can hold 500 messages, soon as it's full it will overflow and messages will be discarded

Message Rate?

You can record the rate at which specific messages enter your system, lets say you want to create a simple IDS for ssh abuse for your entire network, you can easily achieve this using Typhon and MCollective:

class Typhon
  grow(:name => "ssh_abuse", :files => "/var/log/secure") do |file, pos, line|
    # whitelist
    whitelist = [
                  "UNKNOWN",         # wtf ssh, stupid shit.

    abuser = false

    if line =~ /Failed password for (.+) from (.+) port/
      abuser = $2
    elsif line =~ /(Invalid|Illegal) user (.+) from (.+)/
      abuser = $3
    elsif line =~ /sshd.+Did not receive identification string from (.+)/
      abuser = $1

    if abuser
      break if whitelist.include?(abuser)

      ratelimit(:ssh, 300)


      if ratelimit(:ssh).rate(abuser) == 10
        system("mco iptables block #{abuser} -s")

Here we arrange that all auth related logs from all hosts end up in /var/log/all_hosts_ssh.log we then parse the lines for typical SSH abuse like lines and take out the attacker IP.

Using the ratelimit(:ssh, 300) we create a new rate tracker called :ssh that has a windows of 300 seconds, if you do not specify the 300 it would default to 60.

We record the event in the :ssh ratelimiter and then check that've had this event more than 10 times in the 300 seconds, if so we firewall it everywhere.

The ratelimiter can take any string, it stores a hash of the string so size of the string should not affect the memory usage of typhon over time.

An alternative way to write the limiter bit would be:

   if abusee
      limiter = ratelimit(:ssh, 300)


      if limiter.rate(abuser) > 10
         # block

Rate limiters are unique per head, one head can not reference another heads limiter even if they use the same name.

If you reload your heads from disk the rate limiter will reset to zero.

The Name?

Typhon is a mythical beast:

He appeared man-shaped down to the thighs, with two coiled vipers in place of legs.
Attached to his hands in place of fingers were a hundred serpent heads, fifty per hand.

Each bit of Typhon logic goes in a head.


R.I.Pienaar / rip@devco.net / @ripienaar / http://devco.net