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pragma solidity ^0.5.5;
import "./Marmo.sol";
import "./commons/MinimalProxy.sol";
// MarmoStork creates all Marmo wallets
// every address has a designated marmo wallet
// and can send transactions by signing Meta-Tx (Intents)
// All wallets are proxies pointing to a single
// source contract, to make deployment costs viable
contract MarmoStork {
// Random Invalid signer address
// Intents signed with this address are invalid
address private constant INVALID_ADDRESS = address(0x9431Bab00000000000000000000000039bD955c9);
// Prefix of create2 address formula (EIP-1014)
bytes1 private constant CREATE2_PREFIX = byte(0xff);
// Bytecode to deploy marmo wallets
bytes public bytecode;
// Hash of the bytecode
// used to calculate create2 result
bytes32 public hash;
// Marmo Source contract
// all proxies point here
address public marmo;
// Creates a new MarmoStork (Marmo wallet Factory)
// with wallets pointing to the _source contract reference
constructor(address payable _source) public {
// Generate and save wallet creator bytecode using the provided '_source'
bytecode =;
// Precalculate init_code hash
hash = keccak256(bytecode);
// Destroy the '_source' provided, if is not disabled
Marmo marmoc = Marmo(_source);
if (marmoc.signer() == address(0)) {
// Validate, the signer of _source should be "INVALID_ADDRESS" (disabled)
require(marmoc.signer() == INVALID_ADDRESS, "Error init Marmo source");
// Save the _source address, casting to address (160 bits)
marmo = address(marmoc);
// Calculates the Marmo wallet for a given signer
// the wallet contract will be deployed in a deterministic manner
function marmoOf(address _signer) external view returns (address) {
// CREATE2 address
return address(
// Deploys the Marmo wallet of a given _signer
// all ETH sent will be forwarded to the wallet
function reveal(address _signer) external payable {
// Load init code from storage
bytes memory proxyCode = bytecode;
// Create wallet proxy using CREATE2
// use _signer as salt
Marmo p;
assembly {
p := create2(0, add(proxyCode, 0x20), mload(proxyCode), _signer)
// Init wallet with provided _signer
// and forward all Ether
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