A desktop client for the Ripple payment network built using web technologies
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  Update gateways.json
  Update gateways.json
  Update gateways.json
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  Update layout.jade
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  Update eula.jade
  [FIX] Windows build add icon ripple
  Adding gateway label support on trade tab
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Desktop Client

Install Dependencies

  • Fork and clone the ripple-client-desktop repository
  • Run npm install
  • Run bower install
  • Download nw.js


  • In the ripple-client-desktop repository, make a copy of the config_example.js file and name it config.js

  • Run gulp in your command line for development

  • Run gulp packages in your command line for the production ready client

  • Your desktop client is in the packages/RippleAdminConsole directory


  • There are breaking changes in the c++ API when using node version 4. You should use node version 0.12.
  • The current package.json is intended to pull directly from the develop branch of ripple-lib. You may need to clone the ripple-lib respository into node_modules/ripple-lib and then run npm install in the cloned ripple-lib repository.