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;; hugoclr.clj
;; The main function lives here. It simply calls the function to kick off
;; the retrieval/parsing and writes the results to file system
(assembly-load-from "..\\libs\\HtmlAgilityPack.dll")
(ns hugoclr
(:gen-class) ;; generates the class and makes our exe. Without it
;; only a dll is created.
(:use hugoclr.parser)
;; the hugo site's page that lists all of the years they have data for
(def base-url "")
(defn -main [& args]
"runs the parser and writes the results to the hugo.txt file"
(println (str "base-url: " base-url))
(let [awards (hugoclr.parser/get-awards base-url)]
( awards "c:\\temp\\hugo.txt")))