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(ns tutorial.queue
(:use com.mefesto.wabbitmq))
(def con-info {:host "localhost" :username "idiscc" :password "1d15cc"})
(defn delete-queue
[queue-name exchange-name]
(with-broker {:host "localhost" :username "idiscc" :password "1d15cc"}
(if (not (= "" exchange-name)) (exchange-delete exchange-name))
(queue-delete queue-name))))
(defn create-queue
([] (queue-declare "test.queue"))
([name] (if (nil? name) (queue-declare)
(queue-declare name)))
([name durable] (queue-declare name durable)))
(defn create-exchange
([] (exchange-declare "" "fanout"))
([name] (exchange-declare name "fanout"))
([name type] (exchange-declare name type)))
(defn delete-hello-world-queue []
(delete-queue "" "test.queue"))
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