sporadic "Network not available" from /graph #249

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https://ripple.com/graph/ is very iffy for me ... sometimes it works well, and sometimes I keep getting the following error no matter what I do.

  1. In case there is indeed a network error, an error message should be displayed to the user, instead of just leaving him waiting.
  2. Why are there so many errors? My internet connections is working fine ... however when I open https://ripple.com/client/ it's not working as well.

Could not interpret message. ripple.com:260
Object {error: "noNetwork", error_code: 10, error_message: "Network not available.", request: Object, status: "error"…}
error: "noNetwork"
error_code: 10
error_message: "Network not available."
request: Object
status: "error"
type: "response"
proto: Object


this happens when the server is down

@jedmccaleb jedmccaleb closed this Feb 28, 2013
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