A collection of extensions to ripple-lib
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A collection of packages that extend the functionality of ripple-lib.

Use in the Browser

These modules will need to be compiled for use in the browser. From the root directory of each module, run $ npm install then $ gulp The compiled libraries will be available in the /dist/web directory


Live updating orderbook data from the Ripple Network. Requires RippleAPI version 0.14.0 or greater.

  var api = new ripple.RippleAPI({server: 'wss://s1.ripple.com'});

  api.connect().then(function() {

    var book = rippleOrderbook.OrderBook.createOrderBook(api, {
      currency_gets: 'XRP',
      issuer_pays: 'rvYAfWj5gh67oV6fW32ZzP3Aw4Eubs59B',
      currency_pays: 'USD'

    book.on('model', function(offers) {

Transaction Parser

Parses transaction objects to a higher-level view.

Message Signer

Signs arbitrary data.