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This version improves the way the Data API imports and summarizes data on XRP Ledger validators.


  • Adds real-time tracking of validator agreement.
  • Indicates when a validator is included in the network's recommended UNL.
  • Reports validator agreement in 1-hour and 24-hour rolling windows, plus (non-rolling) daily summaries.
  • Tracks whether validators follow the production network, the TestNet, or other ledger history chains.

Breaking Changes

This release contains the following breaking changes:

  • Removed methods. The following methods have been removed:
    • Get Validations (/v2/network/validations)
    • Get Validator Validations (/v2/network/validators/{pubkey}/validations)
  • Format Changes. The request and response formats of the following methods have changed:
    • Get Validator (/v2/network/validators/{pubkey})
    • Get Validators (/v2/network/validators)
    • Get Daily Validator Reports (/v2/network/validator_reports)
    • Get Single Validator Daily Reports (/v2/network/validators/{pubkey}/validator_reports)