reacts to new rippled commits by building rpm packages for distribution
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Rippled Package Builder

Docker image for building rippled rpms

The rpm-builder docker container builds a rippled rpm from the specified git branch and puts a tar.gz of rpms in a mounted directory.

Writes md5sum, rippled_version, and rpm_file_name variables to build_vars properties file in mounted directory.

To verify git commit signature, a file of whitelisted GPG public keys can be mounted to /opt/rippled-rpm/public-keys.txt


  • docker


All configuration is performed via environment variables:

  • GIT_BRANCH: rippled branch to package (default: develop)
  • GIT_COMMIT: rippled commit to package (overrides GIT_BRANCH)
  • GIT_REMOTE: rippled remote repository (default: origin)
  • RPM_RELEASE: rpm release number (default: 1)
  • RPM_PATCH: rpm patch number (default: null)


docker build -t rippled-rpm-builder rpm-builder/


docker run -e GIT_BRANCH=develop -v <path-to-out-dir>:/opt/rippled-rpm/out rippled-rpm-builder

Run with commit signature verification

docker run -e GIT_BRANCH=develop -v <path-to-keys-file>:/opt/rippled-rpm/public-keys.txt -v <path-to-out-dir>:/opt/rippled-rpm/out rippled-rpm-builder