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rippled version 0.19 has now been released. This release is currently the tip of the release branch and the tag is 0.19.0.

Prior to building, please confirm you have the correct source tree with the git log command. The first log entry should be the change setting the version:

commit 26783607157a8b96e6e754f71565f4eb0134efc1
Author: Vinnie Falco <vinnie.falco@gmail.com>
Date:   Fri Nov 22 23:36:50 2013 -0800

    Set version to 0.19.0

Significant Changes

  • Bugfixes and improvements in path finding, path filtering, and payment execution.
  • Updates to HyperLevelDB and LevelDB node storage back ends.
  • Addition of RocksDB node storage back end.
  • New resource manager for tracking server load.
  • Fixes for a few bugs that can crashes or inability to serve client requests.


Ripple Labs is now running five validators. You can use this template for your validators.txt file (or place this in your config file):

n9KPnVLn7ewVzHvn218DcEYsnWLzKerTDwhpofhk4Ym1RUq4TeGw    RIP1
n94rSdgTyBNGvYg8pZXGuNt59Y5bGAZGxbxyvjDaqD9ceRAgD85P    RIP3
n9LeQeDcLDMZKjx1TZtrXoLBLo5q1bR1sUQrWG7tEADFU6R27UBp    RIP4
n9KF6RpvktjNs2MDBkmxpJbup4BKrKeMKDXPhaXkq7cKTwLmWkFr    RIP5

You should also raise your quorum to at least three by putting the following in your rippled.cfg file:


If you are a validator, you should set your quorum to at least four.


A list of Ripple Labs server IP addresses can be found by resolving r.ripple.com. You can also add this to your rippled.cfg file to ensure you always have several peer connections to Ripple Labs servers:

[ips] 51235  51235 51235 51235 51235   51235

New RocksDB back end

RocksDB is based on LevelDB with improvements from Facebook and the community. Preliminary tests show that it stall less often than HyperLevelDB.

If you are switching over from an existing back end, you have two choices. You can remove your old database or you can import it.

To remove your old database, make sure the server is shutdown. Remove the db/ledger.db and db/transaction.db files. Remove all the files in your back end store directory, db/hashnode by default. Then you can change your configuration file to use the RocksDB back end and restart.

To import your old database, start by shutting the server down. Then modify the configuration file by renaming your [node_db] portion to [import_db]. Create a new [node_db] section specify a RocksDB back end and a different directory. Start the server with rippled --import. When the import finishes, stop the server (it can take several minutes to shut down after an import), remove the old database, put the new database into place, remove the [import_db] section, change the [node_db] section to refer to the final location, and restart the server.

The recommended RocksDB configuration is:


Configuring your Node DB

You need to configure the NodeBackEnd that you want the server to use. See above for an example RocksDB configuration.

  • Note: HyperLevelDB and RocksDB are not available on Windows platform.