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@mDuo13 mDuo13 released this May 23, 2016 · 3390 commits to develop since this release

rippled 0.26.4 has been released. The repository tag is 0.26.4 and can be found on GitHub at:

Prior to building, please confirm you have the correct source tree with the git log command. The first log entry should be the change setting the version:

 commit 05a04aa80192452475888479c84ff4b9b54e6ae7
 Author: Vinnie Falco <>
 Date:   Mon Nov 3 16:53:37 2014 -0800

     Set version to 0.26.4

This release incorporates a number of important bugfixes and functional improvements. Please refer to the Git commit history for more detailed information.

Toolchain support

The minimum supported version of GCC used to compile rippled is v4.8. Please follow these instructions if you have not upgraded already.

While it may be possible to compile rippled on (virtual) machines with 4GB of RAM, we recommend compiling on (virtual) machines with 8GB of RAM or more. If your build machine has more than one CPU (grep '^processor' /proc/cpuinfo | wc -l), you can use them to assist in the build process by compiling with the command scons -j[number of CPUs - 1].

The minimum supported version of Boost is v1.55.0. You must upgrade to this release or later to successfully compile this release of rippled. Please follow these instructions if you have not upgraded already.

Important JSON-RPC Update

With rippled version 0.26.4, the rippled.cfg file must set the ssl_verify property to 0. Without this update, JSON-RPC API calls may not work.

New Features

  • Rocksdb v. 3.5.1
  • SQLite v. 3.8.7
  • Disable SSLv3
  • Add counters to track ledger read and write activities
  • Use trusted validators median fee when determining transaction fee
  • Add --quorum argument for server start (RIPD-563)
  • Add account_offers paging (RIPD-344)
  • Add account_lines paging (RIPD-343)
  • Ability to configure network fee in rippled.cfg file (RIPD-564)

Bug Fixes

  • Fix OS X version parsing/error related to OS X 10.10 update
  • Fix incorrect address in connectivity check report
  • Fix page sizes for ledger_data (RIPD-249)
  • Make log partitions case-insensitive in rippled.cfg


  • Performance
  • Ledger performance improvements for storage and traversal (RIPD-434)
  • Improve client performance for JSON responses (RIPD-439)
  • Other
  • Remove PROXY handshake feature
  • Change to rippled.cfg to support sections containing both key/value pairs and a list of values
  • Return descriptive error message for memo validation (RIPD-591)
  • Changes to enforce JSON-RPC 2.0 error format
  • Optimize account_lines and account_offers (RIPD-587)
  • Improve fee setting logic (RIPD-614)
  • Improve transaction security
  • Config improvements
  • Improve path filtering (RIPD-561)
  • Logging to distinguish Byzantine failure from tx bug (RIPD-523)


  • Add "deferred" flag to transaction relay message (required for future code that will relay deferred transactions)
  • Refactor STParsedJSON to parse an object or array (required for multisign implementation) (RIPD-480)

Development-Related Updates

  • Changes to DatabaseReader to read ledger numbers from database
  • Improvements to SConstruct

More information

For more information or assistance, the following resources will be of use:

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