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@mDuo13 mDuo13 released this May 2, 2016 · 2817 commits to develop since this release

rippled 0.28.0 has been released. The commit can be found on GitHub at:

Prior to building, please confirm you have the correct source tree with the git log command. The first log entry should be the change setting the version:

 commit 7efd0ab0d6ef017331a0e214a3053893c88f38a9
 Author: Vinnie Falco <>
 Date:   Fri Apr 24 18:57:36 2015 -0700

    Set version to 0.28.0

This release incorporates a number of important features, bugfixes and functional improvements. Please refer to the Git commit history for more detailed information.

Release Overview

As part of Ripple Labs’ ongoing commitment toward improving the protocol, the rippled team is excited to announce autobridging — a feature that allows XRP to serve as a bridge currency. Autobridging enhances utility and has the potential to expose more of the network to liquidity and improve prices. For more information please refer to the autobridging blog post.

Toolchain support

The minimum supported version of GCC used to compile rippled is v4.8. Please follow these instructions if you have not upgraded already.

While it may be possible to compile rippled on (virtual) machines with 4GB of RAM, we recommend compiling on (virtual) machines with 8GB of RAM or more. If your build machine has more than one CPU (grep '^processor' /proc/cpuinfo | wc -l), you can use them to assist in the build process by compiling with the command scons -j[number of CPUs - 1].

The minimum supported version of Boost is v1.57.0. You must upgrade to this release or later to successfully compile this release of rippled. Please follow these instructions if you have not upgraded already.

Important rippled.cfg update

With rippled version 0.28, the rippled.cfg file must be changed according to these instructions:

  • Change any entries that say

admin = allow to admin =

  • For most installations, will preserve current behavior. may be specified to indicate "any IP" but cannot be combined with other IP addresses. Use of may introduce severe security risks and is not recommended. See docs/rippled-example.cfg for more information.

More Strict Requirements on MemoType

The requirements on the contents of the MemoType field, if present, are more strict than the previous version. Transactions that can successfully be submitted to 0.27.4 and earlier may fail in 0.28.0. For details, please refer to updated memo documentation for details. Partners should check their implementation to make sure that their MemoType follows the new rules.

New Features

  • Autobridging implementation (RIPD-423). This feature will be turned on May 12, 2015.
  • Combine history_ledger_index and online_delete settings in rippled.cfg (RIPD-774).
  • Claim a fee when a required destination tag is not specified (RIPD-574).
  • Require the master key when disabling the use of the master key or when enabling 'no freeze' (RIPD-666).
  • Change the port setting admin to accept allowable admin IP addresses (RIPD-820):
  • rpc_admin_allow has been removed.
  • Comma-separated list of IP addresses that are allowed administrative privileges (subject to username & password authentication if configured).
  • is no longer a default admin IP.
  • may be specified to indicate "any IP" but cannot be combined with other MIP addresses. Use of may introduce severe security risks and is not recommended.
  • Enable Amendments from config file or static data (RIPD-746).

Bug fixes

  • Fix payment engine handling of offer ⇔ account ⇔ offer cases (RIPD-639). This fix will take effect on May 12, 2015.
  • Fix specified destination issuer in pathfinding (RIPD-812).
  • Only report delivered_amount for executed payments (RIPD-827).
  • Return a validated ledger if there is one (RIPD-814).
  • Refund owner's ticket reserve when a ticket is canceled (RIPD-855).
  • Return descriptive error from account_currencies RPC (RIPD-806).
  • Fix transaction enumeration in account_tx API (RIPD-734).
  • Fix inconsistent ledger_current return (RIPD-669).
  • Fix flags --rpc_ip and --rpc_port (RIPD-679).
  • Skip inefficient SQL query (RIPD-870)

Deprecated features

  • Remove support for deprecated PreviousTxnID field (RIPD-710). This will take effect on May 12, 2015.
  • Eliminate temREDUNDANT_SEND_MAX (RIPD-690).
  • Remove WalletAdd (RIPD-725).
  • Remove SMS support.


  • Improvements to peer communications.
  • Reduce master lock for client requests.
  • Update SQLite to
  • Require Boost 1.57.
  • Improvements to Universal Port (RIPD-687).
  • Constrain valid inputs for memo fields (RIPD-712).
  • Binary option for ledger command (RIPD-692).
  • Optimize transaction checks (RIPD-751).

Development-Related Updates

  • Add RPC metrics (RIPD-705).
  • Track and report peer load.
  • Builds/ will build and test by one or more scons targets.
  • Support a --noserver command line option in tests:
  • Run npm/integration tests without launching rippled, using a running instance of rippled (possibly in a debugger) instead.
  • Works for npm test and mocha.
  • Display human readable SSL error codes.
  • Better transaction analysis (RIPD-755).


For assistance, please contact

More information

For more information or assistance, the following resources will be of use:

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