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@mDuo13 mDuo13 released this May 2, 2016 · 2205 commits to develop since this release

rippled 0.30.1 has been released. The commit can be found on GitHub at:

Prior to building, please confirm you have the correct source tree with the git log command. The first log entry should be the change setting the version:

 commit c717006c44126aa0edb3a36ca29ee30e7a72c1d3
 Author: Nik Bougalis <>
 Date:   Wed Feb 3 14:49:07 2016 -0800

   Set version to 0.30.1

This release incorporates a number of important features, bugfixes and functional improvements. Please refer to the Git commit history for more detailed information.

Release Overview

The rippled team is proud to release rippled version 0.30.1. This version contains a several minor new features as well as significant improvements to the consensus algorithm that make it work faster and with more consistency. In the time we have been testing the new release on our validators, these changes have led to increased agreement and shorter close times between ledger versions, for approximately 40% more ledgers validated per day.

New Features

  • Secure gateway: configured IPs can forward identifying user data in HTTP headers, including user name and origin IP. If the user name exists, then resource limits are lifted for that session. See rippled-example.cfg for more information.
  • Allow fractional fee multipliers (RIPD-626)
  • Add “expiration” to account_offers (RIPD-1049)
  • Add “owner_funds” to “transactions” array in RPC ledger (RIPD-1050)
  • Add "tx" option to "ledger" command line
  • Add server uptime in server_info
  • Allow multiple incoming connections from the same IP
  • Report connection uptime in peer command (RIPD-927)
  • Permit pathfinding to be disabled by setting [path_search_max] to 0 in rippled.cfg file (RIPD-271)
  • Add subscription to peer status changes (RIPD-579)


  • Improvements to ledger_request response
  • Improvements to validations proposal relaying (RIPD-1057)
  • Improvements to consensus algorithm
  • Ledger close time optimizations (RIPD-998, RIPD-791)
  • Delete unfunded offers in predictable order

Development-Related Updates

  • Require boost 1.57
  • Implement new coroutines (RIPD-1043)
  • Force STAccount interface to 160-bit size (RIPD-994)
  • Improve compile-time OpenSSL version check

Bug Fixes

  • Fix handling of secp256r1 signatures (RIPD-1040)
  • Fix websocket messages dispatching
  • Fix pathfinding early response (RIPD-1064)
  • Handle account_objects empty response (RIPD-958)
  • Fix delivered_amount reporting for minor ledgers (RIPD-1051)
  • Fix setting admin privileges on websocket
  • Fix race conditions in account_tx command (RIPD-1035)
  • Fix to enforce no-ripple constraints


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