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The rippled 0.90.0 release introduces several features and enhancements that improve the reliability, scalability and security of the XRP Ledger.

Highlights of this release include:

  • The DepositAuth amendment, which lets an account strictly reject any incoming money from transactions sent by other accounts.
  • The Checks amendment, which allows users to create deferred payments that can be cancelled or cashed by their intended recipients.
  • History Sharding, which allows rippled servers to distribute historical ledger data if they agree to dedicate storage for segments of ledger history.
  • New Preferred Ledger by Branch semantics which improve the logic that allow a server to decide which ledger it should base future ledgers on when there are multiple candidates.

New and Updated Features

  • Add support for Deposit Authorization account root flag (#2239)
  • Implement history shards (#2258)
  • Preferred ledger by branch (#2300)
  • Redesign Consensus Simulation Framework (#2209)
  • Tune for higher transaction processing (#2294)
  • Optimize queries for account_tx to work around SQLite query planner (#2312)
  • Allow Journal to be copied/moved (#2292)
  • Cleanly report invalid [server] settings (#2305)
  • Improve log scrubbing (#2358)
  • Update rippled-example.cfg (#2307)
  • Force json commands to be objects (#2319)
  • Fix cmake clang build for sanitizers (#2325)
  • Allow account_objects RPC to filter by “check” (#2356)
  • Limit nesting of json commands (#2326)
  • Unit test that sign_for returns a correct hash (#2333)
  • Update Visual Studio build instructions (#2355)
  • Force boost static linking for MacOS builds (#2334)
  • Update MacOS build instructions (#2342)
  • Add dev docs generation to Jenkins (#2343)
  • Poll if process is still alive in Test.py (#2290)
  • Remove unused beast::currentTimeMillis() (#2345)

Bug Fixes

  • Improve error message on mistyped command (#2283)
  • Add missing includes (#2368)
  • Link boost statically only when requested (#2291)
  • Unit test logging fixes (#2293)
  • Fix Jenkins pipeline for branches (#2289)
  • Avoid AppVeyor stack overflow (#2344)
  • Reduce noise in log (#2352)