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@bachase bachase released this Feb 21, 2018 · 759 commits to develop since this release

The rippled 0.90.0 release introduces several features and enhancements that improve the reliability, scalability and security of the XRP Ledger.

Highlights of this release include:

  • The DepositAuth amendment, which lets an account strictly reject any incoming money from transactions sent by other accounts.
  • The Checks amendment, which allows users to create deferred payments that can be cancelled or cashed by their intended recipients.
  • History Sharding, which allows rippled servers to distribute historical ledger data if they agree to dedicate storage for segments of ledger history.
  • New Preferred Ledger by Branch semantics which improve the logic that allow a server to decide which ledger it should base future ledgers on when there are multiple candidates.

New and Updated Features

  • Add support for Deposit Authorization account root flag (#2239)
  • Implement history shards (#2258)
  • Preferred ledger by branch (#2300)
  • Redesign Consensus Simulation Framework (#2209)
  • Tune for higher transaction processing (#2294)
  • Optimize queries for account_tx to work around SQLite query planner (#2312)
  • Allow Journal to be copied/moved (#2292)
  • Cleanly report invalid [server] settings (#2305)
  • Improve log scrubbing (#2358)
  • Update rippled-example.cfg (#2307)
  • Force json commands to be objects (#2319)
  • Fix cmake clang build for sanitizers (#2325)
  • Allow account_objects RPC to filter by “check” (#2356)
  • Limit nesting of json commands (#2326)
  • Unit test that sign_for returns a correct hash (#2333)
  • Update Visual Studio build instructions (#2355)
  • Force boost static linking for MacOS builds (#2334)
  • Update MacOS build instructions (#2342)
  • Add dev docs generation to Jenkins (#2343)
  • Poll if process is still alive in (#2290)
  • Remove unused beast::currentTimeMillis() (#2345)

Bug Fixes

  • Improve error message on mistyped command (#2283)
  • Add missing includes (#2368)
  • Link boost statically only when requested (#2291)
  • Unit test logging fixes (#2293)
  • Fix Jenkins pipeline for branches (#2289)
  • Avoid AppVeyor stack overflow (#2344)
  • Reduce noise in log (#2352)
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