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@mDuo13 mDuo13 released this Jan 4, 2020 · 37 commits to develop since this release

Ripple has released version 1.4.0 of rippled, the reference implementation of the core XRP Ledger protocol. To learn more about how to build and run a rippled server, see Manage the rippled Server.

New and Updated Features

  • The DeletableAccounts amendment which, if enabled, allow users to delete their XRP Ledger accounts and recover some of their base reserve.

  • Support for improved management of peer slots and the ability to add and remove reserved connections without requiring a restart of the server.

  • Tracking and reporting of cumulative and instantaneous peer bandwidth usage.

  • Preliminary support for post-processing historical shards after downloading to index their contents.

  • Reporting the master public key alongside the ephemeral public key in the validation stream subscriptions.

  • Reporting consensus phase changes in the server stream subscription.

Bug Fixes

  • The fixPayChanRecipientOwnerDir Amendment which corrects a minor technical flaw that would cause a payment channel to not appear in the recipient's owner directory, which made it unnecessarily difficult for users to enumerate all their payment channels.

  • The fixCheckThreading Amendment which corrects a minor technical flaw that caused checks to not be properly threaded against the account of the check's recipient.

  • Respect the ssl_verify configuration option in the SSLHTTPDownloader and HTTPClient classes.

  • Properly update the server_state when a server detects a disagreement between itself and the network.

  • Allow Ed25519 keys to be used with the channel_authorize command.

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