This tipbot is for reading posts to forum in command form and managing transactions to user accounts. Database, API, and RPC are abstracted for easy addition of modules.
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+AURtip Auroracoin Forum Tipbot

This tipbot, written in python is for collecting post text from forums, finding +AURtip commands, and then processing transactions based on the details of the commands, similar to reddit-tipbot.

The database, api, and rpc interfaces are all abstracted so they can work with any forum that has an API (or forum that can be mechanized), mySQL and postgresql, and also any alt-coin rpc.

The main file is called This is where all objects are declared and the general flow of the package can be seen and managed. The script functions by compiling a "payload" of commands found during it's parsing of the forum API in the The payload of commands is then processed in the module, and messaging is handled using the Finally, the banking processes are handled in the


  1. install the database schema included in the database directory.

  2. Simply copy the source code to a directory in your server.

  3. Edit the,, and files to match your desired settings.

  4. run the script using "python"