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Add python-cql as a DSC dependency

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1 parent 9ed5fb2 commit 6a34df6ad14617413f71cda4d0409414afc58331 Joaquin Casares committed Dec 24, 2012
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@@ -260,13 +260,13 @@ def clean_installation():'Performing deployment install...')
if conf.get_config("AMI", "Type") == "Community":
if options.release and options.release.startswith('1.0'):
- logger.exe('sudo apt-get install -y cassandra={0} dsc={0}'.format(options.release))
+ logger.exe('sudo apt-get install -y python-cql cassandra={0} dsc={0}'.format(options.release))
conf.set_config('AMI', 'package', 'dsc')
elif options.release and options.release.startswith('1.1'):
dse_release = cassandra_release = options.release
if dse_release == '1.1.6':
dse_release = '1.1.6-1'
- logger.exe('sudo apt-get install -y cassandra={0} dsc1.1={1}'.format(cassandra_release, dse_release))
+ logger.exe('sudo apt-get install -y python-cql cassandra={0} dsc1.1={1}'.format(cassandra_release, dse_release))
conf.set_config('AMI', 'package', 'dsc1.1')
logger.exe('sudo apt-get install -y python-cql dsc1.1')

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