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Cassandra Dataset Manager

Cassandra Dataset Manager, referred to simply as cdm, is a tool to learn how to use Cassandra.

The easiest way to get started is to download cdm and put it somewhere in your path.

Work in progress. Original cdm was written in Python but is being ported to Java for maintainability and the ability to easy distribute a single file.


You can build an executable via the following command:


This will create a JAR with a bash wrapper in the bin directory that you can drop in your $PATH and run like a normal Linux/Mac executable.

CDM doesn't currently work on windows as it's dependent on bash and cqlsh. There are plans to lift this restriction.

Install a dataset

Assuming you've put the cdm executable in your path, you should be able to run cdm update and see an updated list of datasets. Run cdm list to see all the ones available. cdm install <name> loads your data in your local cassandra cluster. For instance, cdm install movielens.