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(:require [clojure [pprint :refer :all]
[string :as str]]
[ :as io]
[ :refer [debug info warn]]
[jepsen [core :as jepsen]
[db :as db]
[util :as util :refer [meh timeout]]
[control :as c :refer [| lit]]
[client :as client]
[checker :as checker]
[model :as model]
[generator :as gen]
[nemesis :as nemesis]
[store :as store]
[report :as report]
[tests :as tests]]
[jepsen.checker.timeline :as timeline]
[jepsen.control [net :as net]
[util :as net/util]]
[jepsen.os.debian :as debian]
[knossos.core :as knossos]
[clojurewerkz.cassaforte.client :as cassandra]
[clojurewerkz.cassaforte.query :refer :all]
[clojurewerkz.cassaforte.policies :refer :all]
[clojurewerkz.cassaforte.cql :as cql]
[cassandra.core :refer :all]
[cassandra.conductors :as conductors])
(:import (clojure.lang ExceptionInfo)
(com.datastax.driver.core ConsistencyLevel)
(com.datastax.driver.core.exceptions UnavailableException
(defrecord CQLMapClient [conn writec]
(setup! [_ test node]
(locking setup-lock
(let [conn (cassandra/connect (->> test :nodes (map name)))]
(cql/create-keyspace conn "jepsen_keyspace"
(with {:replication
{:class "SimpleStrategy"
:replication_factor 3}}))
(cql/use-keyspace conn "jepsen_keyspace")
(cql/create-table conn "maps"
(column-definitions {:id :int
:elements (map-type :int :int)
:primary-key [:id]})
(with {:compaction
{:class (compaction-strategy)}}))
(cql/insert conn "maps"
{:id 0
:elements {}})
(->CQLMapClient conn writec))))
(invoke! [this test op]
(case (:f op)
:add (try (with-consistency-level writec
(cql/update conn
{:elements [+ {(:value op) (:value op)}]}
(where [[= :id 0]])))
(assoc op :type :ok)
(catch UnavailableException e
(assoc op :type :fail :value (.getMessage e)))
(catch WriteTimeoutException e
(assoc op :type :info :value :timed-out))
(catch NoHostAvailableException e
(info "All nodes are down - sleeping 2s")
(Thread/sleep 2000)
(assoc op :type :fail :value (.getMessage e))))
:read (try (wait-for-recovery 30 conn)
(let [value (->> (with-retry-policy aggressive-read
(with-consistency-level ConsistencyLevel/ALL
(cql/select conn "maps"
(where [[= :id 0]]))))
(into (sorted-set)))]
(assoc op :type :ok :value value))
(catch UnavailableException e
(info "Not enough replicas - failing")
(assoc op :type :fail :value (.getMessage e)))
(catch ReadTimeoutException e
(assoc op :type :fail :value :timed-out)))))
(teardown! [_ _]
(info "Tearing down client with conn" conn)
(cassandra/disconnect! conn)))
(defn cql-map-client
"A set implemented using CQL maps"
([] (->CQLMapClient nil ConsistencyLevel/ONE))
([writec] (->CQLMapClient nil writec)))
(defn cql-map-test
[name opts]
(merge (cassandra-test (str "cql map " name)
{:client (cql-map-client)
:model (model/set)
:generator (gen/phases
(->> (adds)
(gen/stagger 1/10)
(gen/delay 1/2)
:checker (checker/compose
{:set checker/set})})
(def bridge-test
(cql-map-test "bridge"
{:conductors {:nemesis (nemesis/partitioner (comp nemesis/bridge shuffle))}}))
(def halves-test
(cql-map-test "halves"
{:conductors {:nemesis (nemesis/partition-random-halves)}}))
(def isolate-node-test
(cql-map-test "isolate node"
{:conductors {:nemesis (nemesis/partition-random-node)}}))
(def crash-subset-test
(cql-map-test "crash"
{:conductors {:nemesis (crash-nemesis)}}))
(def flush-compact-test
(cql-map-test "flush and compact"
{:conductors {:nemesis (conductors/flush-and-compacter)}}))
(def bridge-test-bootstrap
(cql-map-test "bridge bootstrap"
{:bootstrap (atom #{:n4 :n5})
:conductors {:nemesis (nemesis/partitioner (comp nemesis/bridge shuffle))
:bootstrapper (conductors/bootstrapper)}}))
(def halves-test-bootstrap
(cql-map-test "halves bootstrap"
{:bootstrap (atom #{:n4 :n5})
:conductors {:nemesis (nemesis/partition-random-halves)
:bootstrapper (conductors/bootstrapper)}}))
(def isolate-node-test-bootstrap
(cql-map-test "isolate node bootstrap"
{:bootstrap (atom #{:n4 :n5})
:conductors {:nemesis (nemesis/partition-random-node)
:bootstrapper (conductors/bootstrapper)}}))
(def crash-subset-test-bootstrap
(cql-map-test "crash bootstrap"
{:bootstrap (atom #{:n4 :n5})
:conductors {:nemesis (crash-nemesis)
:bootstrapper (conductors/bootstrapper)}}))
(def bridge-test-decommission
(cql-map-test "bridge decommission"
{:conductors {:nemesis (nemesis/partitioner (comp nemesis/bridge shuffle))
:decommissioner (conductors/decommissioner)}}))
(def halves-test-decommission
(cql-map-test "halves decommission"
{:conductors {:nemesis (nemesis/partition-random-halves)
:decommissioner (conductors/decommissioner)}}))
(def isolate-node-test-decommission
(cql-map-test "isolate node decommission"
{:conductors {:nemesis (nemesis/partition-random-node)
:decommissioner (conductors/decommissioner)}}))
(def crash-subset-test-decommission
(cql-map-test "crash decommission"
{:client (cql-map-client ConsistencyLevel/QUORUM)
:conductors {:nemesis (crash-nemesis)
:decommissioner (conductors/decommissioner)}}))