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Bringup for the Cisco Meraki Z1 on OpenWRT
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NOTE: This repo is NO LONGER MAINTAINED as these changes were applied upstream to LEDE. Refer to and enjoy the official nightles!


Bringup repo for the Cisco Meraki Z1 on OpenWRT!

Currently based on commit;a=commit;h=cccc6363725cab791014e9d38850f74091e9553c


Build Only


Modify Configs and Build

./ modify

Note that you will need to run a modify on the first compile to select the NAND image in the OpenWRT menuconfig.

To Do

  • Merge upstream!


  • Sysupgrade & Caldata generation
  • WiFi (PCIe loaded via module)
  • Ethernet
  • LED's/GPIOs
  • System Integration
  • Kernel Device Profile
  • USB


No promises this won't brick your AP, and no promises that this will even work!

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