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Brandon Lind

The source for the personal brand of Brandon Lind. I've generalized this README so that I can repurpose these instructions on multiple projects.

Technologies include:

  • React 16.x
  • AWS S3
  • AWS Cloudfront
  • AWS Lambda (node 8.10) + AWS API Gateway for API infrastructure


AWS Account & CLI

The AWS CLI should be installed and configured on your local machine.

  • Create a profile in the credentials file ~/.aws/credentials

      aws_access_key_id = <YOUR_ACCESS_KEY_ID_FOR_THIS_PROJECT>
      aws_secret_access_key = <YOUR_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY_FOR_THIS_PROJECT>


This project assumes at least node version 8.10 is installed and configured on your local machine.


  • Make a copy of the env.default.yml named env.yml
    • Replace the blank values in env.yml with real values for all of the environments you are targeting
  • Create S3 website buckets for both the bare domain and the www variant
    • Set the www bucket to redirect to the bare domain
  • Create Cloudfront distributions for both the bare and the www websites
  • Install the project dependencies with npm i

Run & Deploy

Once setup is complete, you can either run this project locally, or deploy it to a hosted environment.

  • To run the entire project locally: npm start
    • To run just the website: npm run start-web
    • To run just the API service: npm run start-svc
  • To deploy the entire project to production: npm run deploy
    • To deploy just the website: npm run deploy-web
    • To deploy just the API service: npm run deploy-svc
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