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Golang api to get basic informations about FII 💵 💵 🏦
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GOLF => GO + LANG + Fundo de Investimento Imobiliário

This projects it was wrote in nodejs there many year ago, It was my first crawler written in nodejs, and now I rewritten the main features in golang. In the first realease of nodejs app, I used mongodb + mlab to persist the informations, but now I'm just scraping the information of web site and sending to api.

What's the Fundo de Investimento Imobiliário?

It's a Brazilian investment associated with property market. Here you can read a complete Portuguese post about it.

My motivation to build it.

I'm a Brazilian software developer and always I'm look for new challenge. And when in that challenge I can to build something to solve my problem and help another people to learn something, I feel happy.



  • Write a crawler.
  • Write tests to validation the process.
  • Deploy on heroku
  • Analyze the performance between the two projects.
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