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import nltk
import collections
import functools
class memoized(object):
'''Decorator. Caches a function's return value each time it is called.
If called later with the same arguments, the cached value is returned
(not reevaluated).
def __init__(self, func):
self.func = func
self.cache = {}
def __call__(self, *args):
if not isinstance(args, collections.Hashable):
# uncacheable. a list, for instance.
# better to not cache than blow up.
return self.func(*args)
if args in self.cache:
return self.cache[args]
value = self.func(*args)
self.cache[args] = value
return value
def __repr__(self):
'''Return the function's docstring.'''
return self.func.__doc__
def __get__(self, obj, objtype):
'''Support instance methods.'''
return functools.partial(self.__call__, obj)
def tokenizeAndLowercase(s):
return nltk.word_tokenize(s.lower())
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