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General Parameters

Listing :numref:`general-boom-params` lists the top-level parameters that you can manipulate for a BOOM core. This is taken from src/main/scala/common/parameters.scala.

.. literalinclude:: ../../src/main/scala/common/parameters.scala
    :language: scala
    :start-after: DOC include start: BOOM Parameters
    :end-before: DOC include end: BOOM Parameters

Sample Configurations

Sample configurations of the core and the parameters used can be seen in src/main/scala/common/config-mixins.scala. The following code shows an example of the "Large BOOM Configuration".

.. literalinclude:: ../../src/main/scala/common/config-mixins.scala
    :language: scala
    :start-after: DOC include start: LargeBoomConfig
    :end-before: DOC include end: LargeBoomConfig

Other Parameters

You can also manipulate other parameters such as Rocket Chip SoC parameters, Uncore, BTB, BIM, BPU, and more when configuring the SoC! However, this is done in the top-level project that adds BOOM so this will not be discussed here.