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Segmentation fault and Assembler messages while compiling OpenCV with Branch rvv-intrinsic #701

joy2myself opened this issue Aug 27, 2020 · 8 comments


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I used some rvv intrinsics while developing in OpenCV. And I tried to use the branch rvv-intrinsics to compile OpenCV. Two errors have been encountered so far.


In file included from /home/git/opencv/modules/core/src/mathfuncs_core.dispatch.cpp:7:
/home/git/opencv/modules/core/src/mathfuncs_core.simd.hpp:76:8: internal compiler error: Segmentation fault
   76 | struct v_atan_f32
      |        ^~~~~~~~~~
0xfb1dbf crash_signal
0x127ec43 selt
0x127ec43 wi::lts_p_large(long const*, unsigned int, unsigned int, long const*, unsigned int)
0x98a486 bool wi::lts_p<generic_wide_int<wi::extended_tree<192> >, generic_wide_int<wi::extended_tree<192> > >(generic_wide_int<wi::extended_tree<192> > const&, generic_wide_int<wi::extended_tree<192> > const&)
0x98a486 wi::binary_traits<generic_wide_int<wi::extended_tree<192> >, generic_wide_int<wi::extended_tree<192> >, wi::int_traits<generic_wide_int<wi::extended_tree<192> > >::precision_type, wi::int_traits<generic_wide_int<wi::extended_tree<192> > >::precision_type>::signed_predicate_result operator< <generic_wide_int<wi::extended_tree<192> >, generic_wide_int<wi::extended_tree<192> > >(generic_wide_int<wi::extended_tree<192> > const&, generic_wide_int<wi::extended_tree<192> > const&)
0x98a486 tree_int_cst_lt(tree_node const*, tree_node const*)
0x98a486 walk_subobject_offsets
0x994d36 layout_class_type
0x994d36 finish_struct_1(tree_node*)
0x996db4 finish_struct(tree_node*, tree_node*)
0xa523c1 cp_parser_class_specifier_1
0xa54039 cp_parser_class_specifier
0xa54039 cp_parser_type_specifier
0xa54bd1 cp_parser_decl_specifier_seq
0xa556e4 cp_parser_simple_declaration
0xa799b9 cp_parser_declaration
0xa7a59c cp_parser_declaration_seq_opt
0xa7a59c cp_parser_namespace_body
0xa7a59c cp_parser_namespace_definition
0xa79a8f cp_parser_declaration
Please submit a full bug report,
with preprocessed source if appropriate.
Please include the complete backtrace with any bug report.
See <> for instructions.
modules/core/CMakeFiles/opencv_core.dir/build.make:577: recipe for target 'modules/core/CMakeFiles/opencv_core.dir/src/mathfuncs_core.dispatch.cpp.o' failed


/tmp/ccyu6Srz.s: Assembler messages:
/tmp/ccyu6Srz.s:32785: Error: unrecognized opcode `vqmaccu.vv v4,v2,v1'
/tmp/ccyu6Srz.s:33036: Error: unrecognized opcode `vqmacc.vv v4,v2,v1'
/tmp/ccyu6Srz.s:33285: Error: unrecognized opcode `vqmaccu.vv v4,v2,v1'
/tmp/ccyu6Srz.s:33523: Error: unrecognized opcode `vqmacc.vv v4,v2,v1'
modules/core/CMakeFiles/opencv_core.dir/build.make:590: recipe for target 'modules/core/CMakeFiles/opencv_core.dir/src/matmul.dispatch.cpp.o' failed

This seems to be problems with the toolchain itself, right?

Steps to compile OpenCV:

git clone
cd opencv
git checkout rvv
mkdir build && cd build
cmake -DCMAKE_TOOLCHAIN_FILE=../platforms/linux/riscv64-gcc.toolchain.cmake ../
make -k

Suppose the toolchain with branch rvv-intrinsic is installed in /opt/RISCV. If not, you may need edit opencv/platforms/linux/riscv64-gcc.toolchain.cmake.

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vq* instruction require zvqmac extension which is not enabled by default, you need enable this by -march, e.g. -march=rv64gcv_zvqmac.

For compiler issue, I am investigating now, thanks your report :)

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The error message is because you declare a class/struct with RVV vector type member, which is unsupported usage for those types, and we'll emit error message to forbid that soon.

The reason why we can't/don't support that is because the size of RVV vector type is unknown at compilation time, so compiler can't layout that at compilation time.

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@kito-cheng Hi Kito. Thanks lot for your reply.
In OpenCV universal intrinsics, vector types are always a fix size (usually 128 bits, For example v_int8x16, v_int16x8 and so on). Then If I can't use RVV vector type in a class/struct, how could I implement those universal intrinsic vector types?

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I have a roughly idea for solving that, but that might got very bad code gen for current GCC implementation:

#include <riscv_vector.h>
#include <stdio.h>
class rvv_vector_type_wrapper32x4 {
    rvv_vector_type_wrapper32x4 () {
      for (int i=0; i<4; i++){
        data[i] = 0;
    rvv_vector_type_wrapper32x4 (vint32m1_t val) {
      vsetvl_e32m1 (4);
      vse32_v_i32m1 (&data[0], val);
    void load (int32_t *ptr) {
      vsetvl_e32m1 (4);
      vint32m1_t val = vle32_v_i32m1 (ptr);
      vse32_v_i32m1 (&this->data[0], val);

    void store (int32_t *ptr) const {
      vsetvl_e32m1 (4);
      vint32m1_t val = vle32_v_i32m1 (&this->data[0]);
      vse32_v_i32m1 (ptr, val);

    rvv_vector_type_wrapper32x4 operator+(
      const rvv_vector_type_wrapper32x4 &rhs) const {
      rvv_vector_type_wrapper32x4 rv;
      vsetvl_e32m1 (4);
      vint32m1_t vrhs = vle32_v_i32m1 (&[0]);
      vint32m1_t vlhs = vle32_v_i32m1 (&this->data[0]);

      vint32m1_t val = vadd_vv_i32m1(vrhs, vlhs);
      return rvv_vector_type_wrapper32x4(val);
    int32_t operator[](size_t idx) const {
      return data[idx];

    int32_t data[4];

int x[4] = {1, 2, 3, 4};
int y[4] = {5, 6, 7, 8};
int z[4] = {0};

int main()
  rvv_vector_type_wrapper32x4 a, b;
  a.load (&x[0]);
  b.load (&y[0]);
  rvv_vector_type_wrapper32x4 c = a + b; (&z[0]);
  printf ("result :");
  for (int i=0; i<4; i++){
    printf ("%d ", c[i]);
  printf ("\n");
  return 0;

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@kito-cheng Thanks a lot for the idea. I will use it temporarily. And we are discussing on making some changes on OpenCV universal intrinsic framework to fit scalable vector architecture.

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@kito-cheng , what are your thoughts on this approach for avoiding vector-member-in-class?
Basic example
Dot product

It's a thin C++ wrapper that can use e.g. vfloat32m1_t, hidden from user code via auto. An empty Simd<T, N> "descriptor" is used to select overloads of functions.

More info (slides). Would be happy to discuss.

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@jan-wassenberg I just spend some time more than I expect on investigate that since my C++ is little rusty, since GCC just stay at C++98 :P highways seems awesome to me, and basically RVV is very similar to the SVE, so if it work with SVE, it should work on RVV too, but I am curious about the empty Simd<T, N> descriptor, I saw most backend in highway has some kind of Raw data member in Vec128 and Mask128, I am not sure how to handle this part in SVR or RVV?

And I also not saw the SVE support on github, does here any branch or repo for that?

Thanks again for sharing your awesome work!

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@kito-cheng thanks!

I saw most backend in highway has some kind of Raw data member in Vec128 and Mask128

Right, this is fine on x86 and NEON but will not work on SVE/RVV. That is why the Highway API is designed to work with builtin/non-class vector types such as vfloat32m1_t. Highway uses nonmember functions.

The RVV backend would return vfloat32m1_t from functions instead of Vec128. The empty Simd<T, N> helps select the correct overload, e.g.

vint8m1_t Undefined(Simd<int8_t, N>) { return vundefined_i8m1(); }
vint32m1_t Undefined(Simd<int32_t, N>) { return vundefined_i32m1(); }

I believe the N (some large constant) will be able to encode the mf8..m8.

And I also not saw the SVE support on github

It is not implemented yet. We are currently removing things that will not work in SVE, e.g. MaxLanes. After that I will look into a development environment for RVV and/or SVE.

does here any branch or repo for that?

Our work is automatically mirrored to so you can watch that repo :)

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