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RISC-V Specific Device Tree Documentation
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palmer-dabbelt and neuschaefer Add an example DTS for the HiFive Unleashed
This is the device tree that's shipped on the HiFive Unleashed, where it
lives inside the FSBL (which is in a SPI flash).  As that's the only
currently availiable RISC-V Linux board it should serve as a good
reference for people who want to poke around in device tree land.

This device tree contains entries that coorespond to devices on the
MicroSemi expansion board.

Signed-off-by: Palmer Dabbelt <>
Latest commit 650dc9f Jul 3, 2018

RISC-V device tree documentation (build status)

This repository is a collection of device tree bindings, for RISC-V emulators and hardware.

Device tree bindings specify the meaning of the properties in a device tree node.

Adding a new binding file

  • Add your binding file under the bindings directory.
  • If your binding is already present in Linux's Documentation/devicetree/bindings directory, make sure you use the same file name and relative path.
  • If your binding is not present in Linux, add its name (including the path leading up to it) to [bindings/not-in-linux.txt].
  • If your vendor prefix is not yet in vendor-prefixes.txt, make sure to add it as soon as possible to avoid collisions and inconsistencies.
  • Make a pull request

Checking consistency with Linux

If you want to check the devicetree bindings in this repo against those in Linux's Documentation/devicetree/bindings directory, there's a script for that. You can use it like this:

scripts/ bindings \

Note that Travis-CI runs this script on every commit and pull request.


GPLv2, unless stated otherwise. This ensures that binding files can be exchanged between Linux and this repository without issues.

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