Assignment 4: Single serve site

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The content we've used in the workshop so far has been fairly abstract. This has not been by accident. Content for a web developer is not the point. The design itself is not really the focus, either. Web programming depends predominantly on the ability to control (and give up control) on the elements of a webpage. Elements are the boxes that define and hold content (dynamic, static or simply a container).

This final assignment asks you to create a single page website that collects your exercises and previous assignments. You should use CSS Grid and Flexbox for the overall structure of the webpage. Floats and positioning may also be needed. Link to your work. Embed screenshots, animated gifs, iframes (vimeo or URL) or mp4s of the work you have completed. Caption the work as needed. Include one webfont.

Although you will need a design to execute, even a simple design will challenge your web programming skills.

Due the week after the last day of your session of the workshop.

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