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Install the Command-Line Interface

The RiseML CLI is available for Linux and macos (x86-64):

$ bash -c "$(curl -fsSL"

Paste that in a terminal prompt. The script installs the RiseML CLI in ~/.riseml/bin.

Now, add the directory to your path:

$ export PATH=~/.riseml/bin:$PATH

To connect to a freshly installed RiseML cluster:

$ riseml user login --host CLUSTER-IP

Note: if your cluster is installed using the nodeports: false option (e.g. with our installer on AWS), two different IP endpoints are used for communication and you need to use the --api-host and --sync-host flags instead.

To log in with a previously created user, add an api-key option:

$ riseml user login --host CLUSTER-IP --api-key API-KEY

Replace CLUSTER-IP and API-KEY with your cluster's IP address or DNS name and your user's API key.

Now you can check your user information:

$ riseml whoami

To create more users and to switch between them, please refer to the User Management section.