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Commits on Nov 11, 2009
  1. @juozasg @zevarito

    fixes #1342 - don't generate more than 2 newline when editing a wiki …

    juozasg committed with zevarito
    …section, but also don't allow users to strip all newlines and squish sections together. tests for this.
  2. @juozasg @zevarito
  3. @juozasg @zevarito

    fixed #1338 (a different markup issue). <code> blocks should be invis…

    juozasg committed with zevarito
    …ible to invisible to greencloth when detecting section headings
  4. @juozasg @zevarito
  5. @juozasg @zevarito

    fixed #1338. section detection code not takes into account special va…

    juozasg committed with zevarito
    …lid whitespace. fixed few greencloth tests
  6. @juozasg @zevarito

    few small wiki fixes. fixed #1279 - html tags in the markup editor ar…

    juozasg committed with zevarito
    …e now escaped. replace deleted html in wiki section editor with <span/> not </span>. handle more weird characters is section headings.
  7. @juozasg @zevarito
  8. @juozasg @zevarito
  9. @juozasg @zevarito

    greencloth structure detection code now understands that heading can …

    juozasg committed with zevarito
    …contain special markup symbols + tests
  10. @juozasg @zevarito
  11. @juozasg @zevarito
  12. @juozasg @zevarito
Commits on Sep 11, 2009
  1. set gemspec email.

    Elijah committed
  2. @zevarito
  3. @zevarito

    gemspec added

    zevarito committed
  4. @zevarito

    change file mode

    zevarito committed
  5. @zevarito
  6. @zevarito
Commits on Aug 20, 2009
  1. @elijh

    textile formatting fixes to README

    elijh committed
  2. @elijh

    Added syntax reference.

    elijh committed
  3. @elijh

    made README be textile.

    elijh committed
  4. @elijh

    renamed README

    elijh committed
  5. @elijh

    Initial commit.

    elijh committed
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