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Play Sound Using SoundEffect and Media Element in Windows Phone
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Play Spund Using SoundEffect and Media Element in Windows Phone

Using "Media Element" :

MediaElement mediaEle = new MediaElement(); mediaEle.AutoPlay = true; mediaEle.Source = new Uri("sounds/song1.wav", UriKind.Relative); mediaEle.Volume = 1f; mediaEle.Visibility = Visibility.Collapsed; mediaEle.Play();

Using "Sound Effect" :

SoundEffect soundOn;

private void LoadSoundFile(String FilePath, out SoundEffect Sound) {
Sound = null; try { // Holds informations about a file stream. StreamResourceInfo SoundFileInfo = App.GetResourceStream(new Uri(FilePath, UriKind.Relative)); // Create the SoundEffect from the Stream Sound = SoundEffect.FromStream(SoundFileInfo.Stream); } catch (NullReferenceException) { // Display an error message MessageBox.Show("unable to load sound file from this path :" + FilePath); } }

LoadSoundFile("sounds/on.wav", out soundOn);


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