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A navigation app for giving safest route , Smart SOS service and crime data visulaisation

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App Summary

Our app aims at adding another feature to the current navigation system used by people in day-to- day life. The feature, as we call it is safe-navigation. It allows you to not only find the shortest route from origin to destination but also the safest- based on the trends in crimes recorded along all possible routes over a certain period of time. For this, we plan to create clusters based upon latitudes and longitudes of recorded crimes. We will assign these clusters a danger index based upon the types, density and date of these recorded crimes. Then we will use these clusters to calculate a heuristic function for an AI-algorithm to traverse each possible step of all possible routes and calculate a final safety-index of each route. These safety-indices will be assigned to the routes on-demand and hence will change with the time at which a user plans to use the app, as a route might be comparatively less safe at certain times than others. We also plan to provide the user with a visual interface for seeing the above-mentioned crime-clusters and heat maps of various categories of crime.

To accomplish this task, our main hinderance was the absence of a reliable source of data on crimes committed in our country. Very few, if any, recorded FIRs are ever made public. Also, due of lack of transparency in the way crime is reported to the police, these FIRs are easy to manipulate and hence any public records of these generated by the current system is lacking in reliability. Thus to solve this problem, we plan to create a blockchain architecture of recording these FIRs so that a public ledger of every FIR recorded is present on a server at every police station which is a part of our blockchain network. This will ensure that no individual-be it a person with authority or a common man-can manipulate this information. Using this information we plan on generating a reliable database that can be used by our cluster of AI-models to give a new dimension to current standards of navigation.

If successfully implemented, we can easily migrate the current records of FIRs to our blockchain for preserving their authenticity while providing a method to record all the new FIRs to the blockchain network directly. This architecture will also be able to replace our current system of filing online FIRs which is lacking any sorts of authentication- with a more secure, reliable and trustworthy method.


A navigation app for giving safest route , Smart SOS service and crime data visulaisation






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